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In Memory of Janet McFadden

In the wake of the passing of our beloved founder and owner, Janet McFadden, we have created this page to memorialize her and allow clients past, present, and future, to learn about her life, dream, and legacy. If you have a moment, please read this page.

(Details surrounding the passing have been purposefully left off this page. Please refer to google searches or your local news affiliate for the story. The family and friends want to remember her for who she was, not for the tragedy that occurred.)

Janet McFadden Obituary

If you live in Davidson, NC and have run into “the dog lady,” then you’ve met Janet Lynn Wisniewski McFadden, born October 12, 1966 in New London, CT. She passed away April 1, 2016 in Davidson, NC while enjoying another beautiful day doing what she loved.

Janet was founder and owner of Davidson Pet Sitters, a business prominent in the Davidson community that touched the lives of many people and pets who often stopped to chat and smile with her throughout the day. She brought joy and levity to her family and children, her dance routines, her yoga practices, her time enjoying local food and craft beers, and gatherings with her friends and neighbors.

She is remembered for many things. Her continuous smile that made others smile along with her. Her adventurous spirit that led her to many countries around the world. Her ever-changing soul which was always on the path to new things. One day her favorite color was blue, like the sky, and the next it might be the red of an apple, or the green of ripe vegetables. And she had the incredible ability to take a wonderful idea and turn it into a flourishing business.

Above all, she is remembered for her incredible compassion for her family, people and animals alike.

Her spirit is carried on through her husband, Brian Freeman Sr, her loving parents Stanley and Sally Wisniewski, her four children and: Michael McFadden Jr., his wife Gayle Hazard McFadden, their son Grandson, Lennox McFadden, and soon to be expected Granddaughter, Megan McFadden, Summer McFadden, and Bryce McFadden, her four children’s Father Michael McFadden Sr., two step children: Brian Freeman Jr. and Corey Freeman, adoptive daughters Ashely Brown and Ella Cleary, and three siblings: Gary Wisniewski, David Wisniewski, and Krista Wisniewski Granger, and several nieces and nephews.

A memorial service was held on Friday, April 8, 2016 at the Beaver Dam Historic House, 19600 Davidson Concord, Rd., Davidson, NC.

How Can I Support the Family?

Janet started Davidson Pet Sitters because of her love of animals and genuine desire to help people. She took her passion and transformed it into a vehicle to ensure the safety and security of her four wonderful children, and as a way to launch them into success in adulthood. To meet this vision, she worked countless hours, from morning to night, every day of every week. Regardless of the weather, and even with a broken arm, she endured and provided higher education for three amazing young adults out there now. But we still have one to go.

Davidson Pet Sitters is still here to take care of your pets and the animals in care of the Town of Davidson Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, Janet is not here to help us or to help push the amazing young man she brought into this world out into the next chapter of his life. Therefore, in lieu of flowers or donations to animal charities, we are asking those who wish to do something to contribute towards Bryce McFadden’s college fund: https://www.gofundme.com/trx8eu3h

Bryce is a sophomore at Hough High. He was the light of Janet’s life. He’s a smart and ambitious young man who makes friends wherever he goes and applies himself to many amazing outlets. We know he’ll apply himself just as well to college. Here again is the funding link: https://www.gofundme.com/trx8eu3h


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